The KLP Garden Partnership offers full service solutions to help to make your dream garden a reality. With a practical approach to both design and maintenance we strive to offer clients a range of services to suit their needs.

Landscape Design

Preparation of a full scaled plan of your new landscape including both hardscape and planting. This plan can be given to a contractor for the bid process. A plan can also be useful for “do it yourself’ homeowners.

Fine Gardening

We offer bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly fine gardening. This is usually an option for the homeowner who finds that "mow & blow" doesn't hit the spot. Services include the pruning of small trees, roses, shrubs, grasses and perennials, inspecting for garden pests, irrigation checks and weeding.


Selection of original containers and plant materials to create distinct and creative planters for both residential and commercial sites


Assistance with your landscape charged at an hourly rate.